Phillips Command Dogs can help you with most anything dog related. Please look under Services to find what you are interested in.

We offer dog training in the following areas:
Behavior Modification
Custom Problem Solving
Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog Training/Certification
Service Dogs
Human Remains Detection
Accelerant Detection
Explosives Detection
Firearms Detection
Narcotics Detection
Personal Protection

For all breeds of dogs, we offer private Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, Personal Protection training, Tracking/Trailing training, Narcotics Detection Dog training, and Custom Problem Solving and Behavior Modification Training.

• We can help you locate the right dog for your needs.

• Has previously been licensed by the NY State Bureau of Controlled Substances and has previously been issued a certificate by the DEA. Is licensed by NY State and BATF to store and possess High Explosives.

• We can arrange private sweeps for drugs or explosives. This service is available to individual home owners, private industry and schools. We believe the periodic inspection for illegal controlled substances is a pro-active safety program as well as an excellent deterrent program for homes, private business and schools.

• We can train your dog to determine if it tests out, or just find the right dog for your needs.

• We also offer Handler/Trainer instruction and counseling.

• We specialize in Private Detection Interdiction, and train Civilian as well as Police Detection teams.

Certification Is Available For Both Law Enforcement And Civilian Dogs And Handlers

• INSURED, BONDED and Better Business Bureau Accreditation

AKC Temperment Tester CGC Evaluator USFCR Verified Vendor

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