Search & Rescue & Law Enforcement Resources

Phillips Command Dogs is a point of contact for securing trained and certified K-9s to assist Law Enforcement & SAR organizations in New York and Pennsylvania. This would include the following for Search and Rescue:

* Tracking/Trailing dogs
* Bloodhounds
* Human Remains Detection Dogs
* Firearms Detection Dogs

We also can supply the following on the request of Law Enforcement Agencies:

* Narcotics Detection Dogs
* Explosives Detection Dogs
* Firearms Detection Dogs
* Human Remains Detection Dogs
*Accelerant detection

The dogs available are a combination of Law Enforcement K-9s and privately owned K-9s.

Our group has experience in Search and Rescue operations, Correctional contraband searches at the County and Federal level, and institutional contraband searches in schools and industry. We *ARE NOT* a Search and Rescue team, but are a resource to be utilized for Search and Rescue. For more information, please contact Steve at 716-373-3146 or 585-403-1267.